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Mission Statement

D&C Inspection Services, Inc. is committed to maintaining unsurpassed technical knowledge, customer satisfaction, trust, and integrity by delivering quality services conforming to industry best practices and continuous process improvement.

We would like to take this opportunity to provide a brief synopsis of the services provided by our professional and diverse staff that has decades of combined quality assurance experience. We match personnel and skills to each client’s specific needs.

A brief summary of our services are:

Vendor Surveillance: Our inspectors serve as on-site client representatives to assure material and equipment quality levels meet defined requirements. Inspectors verify if vendors properly implement all specifications and procedures during the manufacturing, inspection, and testing of engineered materials and equipment. The inspection scope is determined by an inspection test plan (ITP), which could involve just a final inspection or involve pre-inspection meetings (PIM), in-process inspections, witnessing of tests, or documentation and certificate reviews.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control: Includes assistance in preparing QA/QC program manuals, training programs, quality program audits, writing and approving weld procedures, and a variety of other tasks.

Risk Based Inspection: Creates a well-targeted inspection strategy based on risk. Identifies and mitigates failure mechanisms, and can be applied to offshore and onshore installations.

Vendor Surveys and Audits: Provides new potential vendor assessments, updates information for existing vendors utilized, assists with developing approved vendor lists, identifies quality issues and develops resolutions.

Shipping and Container Inspections: Includes visual inspections prior to crating and packaging, as well as inspections of the crating and packaging. Verifies crate stenciling, packages, weights, volumes, quantities, and other elements and includes the witnessing of container loading and unloading and container fastening to ensure undamaged arrivals.

Expediting Services: Expediting is an integral part of procurement. Expediters provide our clients with timely, accurate reports concerning the vendor’s adherence to manufacturing and delivery schedules. They also assist in preventing costly project delays due to lack of diligence. We immediately notify clients of factors that might affect the delivery of equipment or services.

Pipeline Inspections: Inspection of pipe mill production and audits, pipe coating inspections, welding, quality control, safety inspections, utility and maintenance. Also covers witnessing and reviewing of non-destructive testing (NDT), as well as a variety of other inspection tasks.

Plant / Refinery Inspection: Covers new construction, expansion, turn around, and maintenance inspections, corrosion and erosion monitoring programs, and other related tasks.

Mechanical Integrity/Plant Refinery Corrosion and Erosion Monitoring Programs: Includes risk assessment, prioritization for inspection and maintenance planning for pressure containing equipment, and process safety management inspection. Calculates corrosion rates and life expectancies of piping and equipment based on archived thickness measurements.

New Construction: Covers inspections from fabrication to start up. Inspectors provide services ranging from individual piping or equipment fabrication to major expansions and revamps. They ensure compliance by utilizing sound engineering and inspection practices. Inspectors work in conjunction with vendors to maintain continuity and scheduled completion. They also review job specifications, drawings, material data reports, welder qualifications, and procedures. During fabrication and erection, inspectors verify materials, dimensional layout, weld alignments, welding, and radiographic review.

Non-destructive Testing: Specialized non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspection complements other traditional quality assurance and quality control services. This helps clients improve plant reliability, reduce operational and maintenance costs, enhance safety, extend plant life, and meet regulatory requirements. Includes inspection of ultrasonic testing (UT), magnetic particle testing (MT), liquid penetrant testing (PT), visual testing (VT), radiographic interpretation (RT), and eddy current testing (ET).

Project Management and Monitoring: Ensures contractor’s methods and procedures meet the client’s requirements and quality management systems during various phases of the project.

NACE Coating Inspections: Examines surface preparations, coating, and painting using visual and mechanical inspections and measurements in accordance with SSPC/NACE standards and project specifications. Thickness, adhesion, holiday, and other methods available.

Construction Management: The manager administers the construction contract per the terms of the contract, owner’s procedures, and F&D International guidelines. Assembles PCO/CO packages for owner approval, assists in the identification and resolution of issues, conducts job site meetings, coordinates final inspection and punch lists, manages change orders and contingency budgets, supervises contractors and support staff, and reviews construction documents. Also works under the supervision of the senior construction manager to administer the construction contract. Remains onsite daily and notes progress of work and workers, and logs all safety and weather issues.

Electrical Engineering Services: Covers the planning, design, development, evaluation, and operation of electrical principles, models, and processes. Includes the design, fabrication, and measurement and operation of electrical devices, equipment and systems (e.g., signal processing, energy systems and control, micro- and nano- electronics, plasma processing, laser and photonics, satellites, missiles, and guidance systems, space vehicles, fiber optics, robotics, etc.).

Mechanical Engineering Services: Covers the planning, development, evaluation and control of systems and components involving the production and transfer and conversion of energy. Includes the planning and evaluation of power plants, analysis of the economical combustion of fuels, conversion of heat energy into mechanical energy, use of mechanical energy to perform useful work, analysis of structures and motion in mechanical systems, and conversion of raw materials into a final product, etc. (e.g., thermodynamics, mechanics, fluid mechanics, jets, rocket engines, internal combustion engines, steam and gas turbines, continuum mechanics, dynamic systems, dynamic fluid mechanics, heat transfer, manufacturing, materials, solid mechanics, reactors, etc.).

Civil / Site and Structural Services: Includes the planning, evaluation, and operation of power-generating plants, the production, furnishing, construction, alteration, repair, processing and assembling of vessels, aircraft or other kinds of personal property, including heating, ventilation and air conditioning for such vessels and aircrafts.

With all types of inspections and expediting services, we furnish computer-generate detailed daily reports. These include all pertinent information to the inspection/expediting visit and are submitted to the client in electronic format insuring timely review by responsible parties.

D&C Inspection Services, Inc. has a network of highly qualified and experienced inspectors and expediters spanning 34 countries. Most of our inspectors carry multiple certifications such as AWS-CWI, API 510, API 570, API 653, and SNT-TC 1A Level II for RT, UT, PT and MT and our coatings inspectors are NACE certified.

We carefully screen all personnel to assure optimum experience for the projects they are assigned. Our inspectors ensure compliance to applicable specifications and codes by utilizing sound engineering and inspection practices. The expectation for all our inspectors and engineers is professionalism and a commitment to excellence.

D&C Inspection Services, Inc. has a company-wide commitment to client satisfaction. All clients and projects are assigned a dedicated office-based coordinator, responsible for managing all aspects of the assignment in a timely, precise, and efficient manner.

With years of experience, a highly-qualified team and commitment to excellence, we have created a company that has what it takes to meet the needs of the ever-growing industry.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 281-326-1800 or